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Daddy, No Cry

Solid as a rock she sees him to be, always going strong. He won’t stumble, keeping his footing when the world shakes. Carrying the massive weight on his back, he is still flexible, dodging the punches. No tears seen by … Continue reading

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Nothing To Fear

She looks up at me With eyes so sweet Can’t believe I’m there Her own daddy Whisper softly in her ear How much she means to me Couldn’t really care Too busy focused in a stare Looks me in the … Continue reading

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Life’s Dreaming

Alone, early dawn morning, sun’s not even hinted at rising. Just laying there, trapped. There was no escape, no matter how hard one could try to escape. It couldn’t and wouldn’t be done. The physical body was trapped by the … Continue reading

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Silence; nothing is so quiet while being so loud at the same time. Never have I experienced something so contradicting, so powerful, yet so painful. Even alone in a quiet room there is more exchanged then the silence felt between … Continue reading

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The Cave

There lies a secret cave where no one has ventured before, a cave where I only know. It contains pieces of everything; past, present, and future held within. The cave is well hidden from view but not from me. This … Continue reading

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