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What Really Matters!

Last night was Halloween and I got to spend some time with my daughter watching while she enjoyed herself. I was happy last night, seeing her partake in the festivities with the rest of her siblings. It was great being … Continue reading

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The Little Things

This describes pretty much what I’ve been doing since my daughter was born, just with my phone and the gallery I’ve created instead of my wallet. The core truth of this graphic still remains though, a father will have many pictures … Continue reading

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400 Miles

Being the first weekend of a new month, while also happening to be a holiday weekend, saw me driving well over 12 hours and 400 miles. The reasoning behind all that insanity? I got to spend two full days with … Continue reading

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Sore, Tired, & Happy

One sore back later and I’m a tired, but happy man. Spending the day with a little one and teenagers at the same time, come to find out, takes a lot out of you. Not only are you looking out … Continue reading

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Teach By Doing

So I’ve decided its time to jump in with both feet and sink or swim, again. This time its by planning on going back to college to add to the degree I already have received for Computer-Aided Drafting. While obtaining that degree, … Continue reading

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