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A Fathers Letter

My darling daughter,      I hope when you are older, that you will look back on your life with little regret. You will undoubtedly have at least one in your lifetime. I too have regrets that you will come to … Continue reading

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Daddy, No Cry

Solid as a rock she sees him to be, always going strong. He won’t stumble, keeping his footing when the world shakes. Carrying the massive weight on his back, he is still flexible, dodging the punches. No tears seen by … Continue reading

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Nothing To Fear

She looks up at me With eyes so sweet Can’t believe I’m there Her own daddy Whisper softly in her ear How much she means to me Couldn’t really care Too busy focused in a stare Looks me in the … Continue reading

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Wonders of Technology

My daughter was able to enjoy a wonderful visit this past weekend. We enjoyed each others company watching movies as well as cuddling together for parts of them. What made her day truly special was being able to talk with … Continue reading

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A Generational Gift

With an overactive imagination and having watched The Nutcracker (2010), I’ve decided to start something that is still very much in the planning stages. This project will be an inclusion of all the skills I have acquired over the years, … Continue reading

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