Welcome to, “A Father’s Silent Rambling”, a world filled with fear, hope and mind-numbing happiness. Okay, so maybe not exactly mind-numbing happiness, but you have to admit, it is a nice thought to have. I’m the single father of a young toddler, Emersyn, who has recently turned 2 years old. Time really has gone by faster than I had wanted since she was born, but there’s nothing that can be done to stop it. All I can and will do is make the most out of the time spent with her. It’s not all about quality of time spent with her that counts, but rather the quantity. Just being around is what matters the most to her, as evident of the bouncing, full of energy little being that she is after waking up from her naps on me. This is my memory, in written word, that in many ways will be passed along to her when she gets older.

This is also my attempt  at a lighter side of writing and thought provoking whatever you dare call it. I already tend to come up with some pretty dark thoughts as it is, all of which can be found here, at The Stray Sod. I’ll warn those who dare to click on the link now, its definitely not for the faint of heart. There are some things in there that I don’t even dare to read over after pushing the publish button. Those are my other thoughts, the ones that come boiling up to the surface, the ones no one else ever gets to see expressed. They’re tucked away in a different area of the mind, away from the happier thoughts, a place of soul searching if you will.

But these, these are my ramblings of a father’s silence…


(Some cross-posting with The Stray Sod.)