What Really Matters!

Last night was Halloween and I got to spend some time with my daughter watching while she enjoyed herself. I was happy last night, seeing her partake in the festivities with the rest of her siblings. It was great being able to be with not just her, but the whole family. I had lots of fun watching them all run from one house to the next trying to get as much candy as they could attempt to. It’s these memories that will be cherished by me not just in remembering the night, but with reliving it through the pictures taken.

I was also happy to enjoy the company of her oldest sibling. I was tasked with being chauffeur to her 16 year old sister for the evening in order to surprise some of her distant friends. Although it was a long and time consuming task, it was still a wonderful adventure. She was able to have fun again, if only just in those short few hours spent with friends, it was nice to see her happy with a smile across her face.

In the end the distance traveled, the time and money spent have all been worth the effort because these are the things that will be remembered by all those involved. These are the things that really matter to infants through teenagers; that someone was there for them, not only willing to drop anything and everything, but also that they did. What matters most to them in the end is that you were there, no strings attached.

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