Sore, Tired, & Happy

One sore back later and I’m a tired, but happy man. Spending the day with a little one and teenagers at the same time, come to find out, takes a lot out of you. Not only are you looking out for a toddler, but also a group of highly energetic teens. Go figure I’m now tired as ever.

It’s been damn near two months since being able to see her and each day has sucked just a little more than the last. It worried me a little, the reaction she would have when seeing me, but I managed to get lost in some music on the ride up. Her aunt greeted me at the door, a little earlier than expected. I poked my head into the stairwell to see her little glowing eyes and smile looking down at me. She was coy about it, almost taking a double-take to make sure it was really me that was standing there.

She was more at ease as her brother and sisters began waking up and joined us in the living room. This is where sore begins to come into play seeing as after each child woke up, they took instantly to wanting to be on my lap or next to me regardless of who was being squished. Its been an even longer time since having been around them that any discomfort was quickly forgotten and replaced by happiness. This confused my little one for a moment as she saw a swarm of arms and legs take hold where they could, but she was quickly back to playing with her dolls near our feet.

When most kids go outside to play, they like to run around and have fun. Sometimes though they are given those battery powered jeeps and want to drive around in those until the battery dies. It turns out they also like riding around in them with you pushing the vehicle around the yard as they steer it. This is where the sore back really comes into play, because they don’t just want to be pushed around for a short time. They insist greatly that you keep going, pushing them in the vehicle until something else catches their eyes. Leaning forwards to push the vehicle for half-hour stints is not very comfortable, though the smiles on their faces looking up at you makes it more than bearable to push through any pain felt.

To continue with the theme of leaning forwards for extended periods of time, finds teenagers coming into the mix along with some flowing water. My daughter’s oldest sister and friends wanted me to “hang out” with them by a nearby stream. Being teenagers, they decided to do what most teens do, something ridiculous. They jumped into the water having decided they’d swim around for a while. Having seen them do this inspired my daughter to start throwing small rocks from the edge of the waterline in. This not being near enough fun, she decided to start walking into the water near the edge, then pick up the rocks there and throw them farther out. Needless to say I was hunched over and ready to snatch her at the slightest hint of her slipping on the rocky bottom. She was good about it, staying mostly in the shallow area with one or two attempts to go deeper complaining that her pant legs needed to be pulled higher to do so. She had fun playing along the bank of the stream watching her older sister and friends playing, enjoying themselves.

As has become our usual routine, the little one puts up a fight while being picky of who can hold her. She likes to be held by me when she gets hurt, is tired and wants to sleep on me, or knows that I have to leave. She really hates that with a passion, my leaving. Just them mention that I have to leave evokes her superpower of clinging. The second I tell her I have to leave, her arms extend upwards signaling that she wants to be held. Once there, she won’t let go easily insisting that I’m not leaving. It definitely sucks when she tells me directly that I can’t go, but knowing that I have to. I keep holding and hugging her letting her know that I have to go for now, and that I’ll be back to be with her again in a few weeks. It’s of little comfort to either of us, but unfortunately for now, having to say goodbye like that has become our routine.

One day I hope to change having to tell her that I will see her in a few weeks to telling her bedtime stories and that I’ll be there when she wakes up the next morning. Until that time comes though, I’ll just be sore, tired and happy from spending the day with her.

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