Ever turn around and find that your child is no longer where you left them? Add in the factors of anger, exhaustion and lack of self-control and you’ve got one very pissed off parent. What am I talking about? The simple, easy task of “listen to what I’ve fucking told you!”. I can’t really put it any simpler than that. Its not hard to follow, or remember at all. Its simplicity at is best, simple! But I was that pissed off parent, full of anger and exhaustion. And it was all directed towards the nurse pulling night duty in the maternity ward.

We were very clear and understood each other without even having to talk about it. Our daughter was going to stay in the room with us at all times less she needed to be taken elsewhere, then I would go with her. This was just simply understood. And we both thought it was made clear to the attending nurses that would keep checking in on us every few hours. But apparently it wasn’t clear or fully understood.

Here I was half asleep in the chair at 3 am when I awoke to an empty room. The mother was completely exhausted and thankfully sleeping comfortably, but minus one major detail. Our daughter was not at the foot of her bed. I was livid. I got up and went to look for her, dead-leg and all. She was taken by the nurse on duty along with another child that was having a few measurements and other tests done in the nursery. This kept me from going off like a mad man. I gathered myself before entering and calmly told the nurse that she was to stay with us, in our room at all times unless I was with her. The response I got nearly caused me to lose it, but I managed to bite my lip about it. She wanted us to “be able to get some peaceful sleep and rest”. I couldn’t give a flying hoot if I got “peaceful sleep or rest” with our daughter in the room. Sure the mother might be a little peeved, but it hadn’t bothered me one bit.

I took our daughter back to the room, only to find her mother sitting up in bed wondering “what the hell was going on”. Apparently she heard me when I left the room. She almost instantly went into the same rage I had just stopped myself from achieving moments prior. Our daughter being awake at this time, the mother had no issue with unloading a little on me. I don’t blame her for doing so, she needed to let that stress out and I didn’t stop her. We both politely informed the staff that which we had mutually agreed to, our daughter was to be with us at all times, no matter what.

Needless to say night time was, for me at least, a four hour rotational feeding that also involved not being easily let back to sleep. She was picky that one. Daddy wasn’t allowed to get comfortable or fall asleep until baby was. She didn’t want it any other way.

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