The Transition, Pt. 3

My bosses are awesome! That’s all I could manage to think up at that moment. They didn’t care when I showed up to work, as long as I put in eight hours a day. And they really didn’t. I couldn’t sleep one night, so I got up and got ready for work. At 3 am. My bosses both walked in the door around 7:30 that morning to find lights on and me at my desk, head deep in the work. They were shocked when I told them I’d already been in for the past four hours. That shock turned from how early I came in, to what I managed to get done in that amount of time. I had produced about ten concrete pour drawings not missing any details from the contract layouts. They were impressed by that amount of dedication. They gave me the ability and freedom to come and go as I pleased with my schedule, and I gave them a highly productive employee.

But looking back at the months of working at the levels of productivity that I did, I often have to wonder. How the hell did I pull this off? I worked 40+ hours a week, then every other Friday afternoon after an 8+ hour day, I’d drive 300 miles. I’d enjoy spending the following day with my daughter, hang out with friends that Sunday, and then drive those same 300 miles to be able to go to work Monday morning. And I did this every first and third weekend of the month. Between you and me, that’s freaking insane. I still do it to this day, and am still mystified as to how I’m able to pull it off. That 300 miles is roughly a five hour drive, alone in a vehicle with only the radio to keep me company. Yet I’ve never had any issues with driving like that. Well, almost never…

Remember I told you my bosses are awesome? Well they are extremely! Because I have had issues with making it back into the office a few following Mondays and we all adapted to the issues. Engine seized up after oil pump issue, exhaust connection issues and tires that were missing chunks of rubber. But my bosses took everything in stride and did what only great bosses do. They gave me what they called a “bonus” to help with the issues that came up. I just called it being payed in advanced as I worked extra hours to truly earn those “bonuses”. They were overly understanding and overly helpful in everything they did. They knew how much spending time with my daughter meant to me that they were willing to go above and beyond what a normal employer would have to help an employee out.

I got to spend every first and third Saturday, save for a few, with my daughter, despite every annoyance that occurred with my vehicles. Whether by car or bus, I made the 600 mile round trip to spend time with her and then go back to work. It was a hard thing to have to do every week, saying goodbye, I’ll see you in a few weeks. Its not something I wanted to say, but it was true, I would be seeing her in another two weeks time. Having bosses who understand this and are willing to be flexible to help an employee made it at least a little easier to deal with. There was less stress knowing this fact.

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