Laughing Baby

Hey you, laughing baby! Why are you laughing so much right now?

I don’t consider myself to be a very funny person. Every now and then I’ll say things that cause others to completely stop what they’re doing and force them to think, “did he just friggin’ say that?”. Those are the moments that even my brain tends to go, WTF. Its so out there and said in just the right way that if written down wouldn’t be considered a follow-able sentence, yet the mind somehow manages to do so. And I know there’s no way that she could possibly fully understand what I’m saying. Maybe its the way I say it that she finds funny?

I can make a two year old laugh with strange faces or by doing something weird. But I have no idea what-so-ever as to what would possibly make her laugh like that. She’s fallen asleep on my chest and across my lap a few times when spending the day with me. It just happens. She’ll rub her eyes, be moving constantly all around, and then without warning, she plops down where she pleases and falls asleep. She’s the exact opposite when she wakes up from her naps. Eye-lids open revealing curious eyes dotting all around the room getting familiar with her surroundings again. And then it happens.

She sits up, gaining her strength back, ever so slowly. She continues looking around as though hunting for something, but unsure of exactly what. All of a sudden, she spins around having caught site of my face, with a giant smile on hers. She begins laughing, and bouncing, having an amazing time for no reason at all. I just lay there in the reclined chair with her on my chest, enjoying her happiness. She’s enjoying a random moment spent with daddy, that nothing else in the world matters outside of our view.

We’re connected in that randomness, happy together…

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