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Quiet Companion of Silence

“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul.¬† ~Marcus Aurelius” It’s early morning once again, and I mean EARLY! Everything seems still, almost lifeless at this time of night with the only sounds … Continue reading

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The Transition, Pt. 4

Having great bosses, spending time with my daughter and being employed was a good feeling to have. Making it a great feeling is having all three things in extremely close proximity. It’s not the travel itself that’s difficult for me. … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Father’s Day weekend, now there’s a memory! I was supposed to have picked my daughter up that Saturday and just enjoy it doing whatever random thing caught my daughters attention. Instead I got a text earlier in the week informing … Continue reading

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The Transition, Pt. 3

My bosses are awesome! That’s all I could manage to think up at that moment. They didn’t care when I showed up to work, as long as I put in eight hours a day. And they really didn’t. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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To Shotgun Or Not

To go out and buy a shotgun or not? This is, I would guess, a fairly¬†fundamental¬†question that every father finds himself asking once he’s learned the baby’s sex. It seems that when the father knows he is going to have … Continue reading

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